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3 Things You Should Do Everyday For A Happy Life 2020

3  Things You Should Do Everyday For A Happy Life 2020

 Happy life, is all what we need let's just repeat this word happiness it has so           Many different meanings and other synonyms, if direct or indirect way            We can say happiness is comfortable life, a relax life, a new life, with a relax          Mind mind without thinking at work, money, problems ...          And the best example for this life is childhood, just remember when you were          Kid your biggest problems is how to get a candy ... actually it is something          Insane and impossible to get back but we fix some things and living our        Life like before, in this article i am going to show you some fantastic ideas         To live your life without worries and how to have a happy life.

       First of all let is admit, we can't go back  into the bast but if we change        Our mindset we could live the happy life that we dream about, now let find out       Where is the problem, is the problem due to t…
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5 steps To Read Any book A week

5 steps To Read Any book A week 
           It seems in the first time very hard, i mean how i can read one book a week             Like bill gates and so many famous people, it is a habit for them, but the            Question is how i can read a book a week that's mean you have to turn it            Into a habit, according to many psychological doctors and so many doctors            Around the world, to turn something  into a habit you have to do it everyday 
It takes 25 days to turn it into a habit, just be patient this period and you will           Get the best habits you can have in your life, now i won't tell you reading is just          Important and all this old saying, i will show you where is the main important           Thing in reading, ( what you will read now is very important ) the important of
         Reading is to get ideas, there is an old saying say book is a friend , and from  my Point of  views it's not just a friend because book is a mentor, every you set        …

How To Improve Yourself ?

How to improve yourself ? 
First of all, improvement it is not something you can in one day, or two days          Or even one month, The truth is improvement you can practice it , your whole          Life also it should be 24h/24h not an hour or two but this improvement has some
         Important steps , you should follow every day to achieve what you want to do          If take a look at the most successful people in the world, we are going to notice 

        Something very important, every body want the success but not every body can          Can be patient and taking the risk like all successful people, and this factor is one

        Of the most important factors that you should learn, in addition we can see they          Are never quit, never , never , never they do what they do even if the crowds         Or the general people don't like it, and this point will lead us to one of the most        Important point, successful people don't care about others opinions too much          You …

25 Reasons To Stop Watching Porn

25 Reasons To Stop Watching Porn
Actually may be you ask yourself why i have to stop, watching porn or what is the reasons that i need, to stop watching porn, also there is so many people tell me they are so sick of it, in other word, they are hating what they doing, but they can't stop, the desire is more stronger in fact, i made this article just for a class of people And those class of people, who want to start a new life, far away from sittings alone Near to your screen and watching all the day, just useless and fake videos that won't Help you to create your future, instead of porn will destroy you from two sides.

    The Psychological harms of pornPorn can make you believe you are a useless person without any value, of course that's wrong the truth is, you more valuable but with porn will make your, value lower and lower until you become equal nothing, also can porn make you tired without any power in mind and body instantly that leads to wasting, then the result will …

5 Things That Will Change Your Life immediately

5 Things That Will Change Your Life Immediately 
Every one wants the change, every one is looking to the future, every one wants 
To be there but the problem is our life and our thoughts and also habits to day 

We are going about habits and how it affect on our life by a direct way and indirect 
Way, in fact habits it is something we do automatically and also tasks we do 

is Something subconsciously like walking or high fiving, actually there is tons of 

things that technically count as a habits but the question here is what can happen 

if this habits is bad and not good and from there other side what can happen if this

habit good .

The answer is very simple : 
Good and healthy habits it means a good and healthy life of course full of success 
Due to you can't have a good habits with a high productivity and as a result nothing

That's wrong and insane because good habits push you always into success so 
The correct equation is : good habits + hard work = success 

 So today in this article we…